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Biffy Clyro T Shirts

Biffy Clyro are now well established as one of the best musical acts around. Famous for their skills they’ve also grown a reputation as something of a paradox. Not that their music contradicts itself but the name of the band and where it originated from does. With the band spouting theories as wide and elaborate as a Finnish footballer from the 17th century to a Scottish man they named themselves after who built the first rocket and sent himself to space. As long as they keep making great music then the Biffy Clyro t shirts collection at T shirt Subway doesn’t mind how their name came about.

If we had to place a bet though the one that sounds most plausible is that one of the band members once received a Cliff Richard pen or a ‘Cliffy Byro’ and for a bit of fun they simply switched the words around. That’s where our money would be but in truth the band members are apparently fed up with us trying to guess so we will just leave it there and just enjoy the Biffy Clyro t shirts on offer.

Influences on Biffy Clyro and Where Their Sound Comes From

If you listen to the chants between songs from a baying crowd you can hear the Scottish twang of ‘C’mon the Biff’ and you’d be forgiven for thinking given their nationalities their roots lay in Scottish music but when comparing their sound to other bands they have more in common with Nirvana than The Proclaimers and they have often cited bands such as Metallica and Rush as people they’ve took influence from and Simon Neil once declared Queens of the Stone Age ‘ The best rock band in the world’ with a bit more swearing.

Wherever they get their inspiration from we don’t mind these working class lads with a touch of magic in their instruments clearly have something we all love and we hope you feel the same about our Biffy Clyro t shirts collection too.