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DevilDriver T Shirts

My husband is a huge DevilDriver fan and he simply never takes that damn DevilDriver t-shirt off. I’ve offered to buy him a new one but he says he’s attached to this one, it holds sentimental value and he wants to keep it. Tatty and old and I’m not even a fan of heavy music but I quite liked he was. Tall, burly, with long hair I’ve always been a fan of the ‘real men’ type and it comes with its good points and bad too.

Quite often he’d be seen out drinking in that damn DevilDriver t-shirt when he should have been home taking care of me. Instead he’d stumble in at almost midnight smelling like he’d been visiting a brewery that day. In truth the smell of stale beer didn’t bother me, my father was a big drinker and somehow it felt natural to feel that scent on a man but our sex life had all but disappeared as he preferred to be out drinking with the guys than be enjoying my company

What To Do With the Man in the DevilDriver T shirt?

Speaking with a couple of friends they told me they had tried some kinky black underwear on, leather, tight and it had worked wonders for their sex life. They’d had the wildest, dirtiest life of their married lives and I thought I’d try the same. I know I’m still on good shape but maybe the jeans and baggy jumpers didn’t scream ‘take me’ to him so I thought next time he goes out I’ll change that.

Buoyed by tales of rampant mischief when they’re husbands came home I thought I’d join them in spicing things up. So out he went in his favourite DevilDriver t-shirt ready for a night of drinking with his friends and in I went to sultry seductress mode. I didn’t nag, I didn’t ask him to be back at a certain time I just waited patiently to tear that DevilDriver t-shirt clean of his back or better still him claw away at me.

The hours passed and finally he came home and I couldn’t wait for him to see me lying there in my black boots, black leather pants, black gloves and a kinky black face mask covering my eyes so he can pretend it’s another woman and I just wanted to see my DevilDriver loving husbands face when he looked me up and down and could barely contain himself at my sight. So imagine my surprise when the only words that came out of his mouth were

“What’s for dinner Batman?” 

Whilst this is a beautiful story if you want some up to date information on anything DevilDriver related then please visit their official website http://www.devildriver.com/