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Digital Underground T Shirts

The Digital Underground T Shirts Collection


Digital Underground had to be one of the stand out hip hop acts of their generation. Hailing from Oakland, California they seemed to change their line up almost annually or certainly after each tour.  The most important player in the band really has to go to Humpty Hump or Greg ‘Shock G’ Jacobs as he is also known closely followed by Jimi ‘Chopmaster J’ Dright and the ever colourful hip hop deejay Kenny-K.

You could feel the heavy funk influence in their music and often they paid homage to the bands of the 70’s through their music and style. They launched the career of Tupac Shakur and following the release of their 1989 hit album ‘Doowutchyalike’ the band shot to global fame and went about doing live shows as far away as Europe and Japan.

It’s a shame when the announcement came in 2008 that they would disband but they’ve left a legacy long beyond the lifespan of the band and remain iconic to this day.