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Genesis T-shirt and T-Shirts

The Genesis and Phil Collins T-shirt, T-shirts and Shirt collection from T Shirt Subway is here. Quite simply the biggest collection of Genesis T-shirt and Shirt options around. With lots of styles vintage, retro and modern you will find everything you could want in just one place.
We have long sleeve, hand distressed, sleeveless, men’s and women’s Genesis T-shirt choices all made with 100% premium quality cotton and in a large range of sizes, colours and designs. We can’t dance or walk but we can definitely do Genesis T-shirts

Phil Collins T-shirt

No genesis collection would be complete with a special Phil Collins T-shirt. Loved the world over for his cheeky British charmer, this musician and actor has enjoyed some of the greatest hits the world over with Genesis and as a solo artist. We have both men’s and women’s Phil Collins T-shirts so any fan can pay particular tribute to the favourite artist

Genesis T-shirt and Shirts

With classic short sleeve Genesis T-shirts available as well as the long sleeve shirt options, we offer more choice than any other music t-shirt store in the world. Genesis fans the world over come from all ages, all walks of life and have followed the band at various stages, some have seen them live others are just discovering the genius of Genesis now. So no matter of you’re from the sunny south of the US or Australia or the peaky northern parts of the UK not only do T shirt Subway deliver anywhere in across the globe we also have short sleeve t-shirt options and long sleeve shirt options to suit your climate.

Women’s Genesis Shirt and T-shirt

Genesis T-shirt and Shirt quite simply could not be complete without paying attention to both sets of male and female fans individually. That’s why T Shirt Subway is the only site in the world to give men and women’s individually created and specific t-shirt options. We have customised fabrics, sizing and of course styling in both men’s and women’s t-shirts and with our unique women’s tunics exclusive to T shirt subway. We’re are certain of you’re a fan of Genesis and a member of the fairer sex you could not find a bigger and better range of women’s t-shirts around

XXL T-shirt and Shirts

With a world so diverse and a Genesis fan base covering that, we know we have to go further to cater for all fans, so that doesn’t just men sexes it also means sizing that’s why every single shirt and t-shirt we have has a range of sizes from small to XL and XXL for you to choose from. So you can be safe in the knowledge that if you find something you like then there will be the perfect fit for you.


Genesis is not just a book from the bible it is also the amazing rock band formed back in 1967 on the British Isles. The band’s long running members Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks remain ingrained in most Genesis fans minds but let’s not forget the contributions of Peter Gabriel, Anthony Phillips and Steve Hackett in making Genesis a global rand of British music.
Their journey began as a pop band during the 60’s but when the 70’s came their music grew more progressive, elaborate instrumentation and theatrical concerts gave this band an epic feel. This was epitomised by the unbelievable 23 minute Supper’s Ready and the concept album The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway.
 Then came the 80’s and the touch paper was lit, a more accessible pop music feel and melodic hooks, cast a wider net over the audience at large. This change of sound gave the band their first number one in their homeland of the UK with the wonderful Duke. Then came the bands only number one single in the US ‘Invisible Touch’.
Genesis changed their line up several times and Phil Collins went from drummer to lead singer after Peter Gabriel departed and stage fright forced founding member Anthony Phillips to quit the band in 1970.
These changes didn’t stop the band creating some of their greatest songs over two decades, Jesus He Knows me, Home by the Sea, Follow You Follow Me, No Son of Mine, I Can’t Dance, Mama and Land of Confusion stand the test of time to this day.
In 1981 Genesis released a self titled album, and it quickly became their second million selling album hits like ‘That’s All’ and ‘Mama’ rolled across the plethora of fans that now followed them. Two years later the band really brought the proverbial house down with the classic ‘Invisible Touch’ which went platinum several times over.
After this release the band toured and the reaction was unbelievable with a string of sell our tours at massive arena’s their popularity for live shows now catapulted them into the same sphere as Grateful Dead and the Rolling Stones.
Fans of the band had to wait another seven years before their next album We Can’t Dance. So long had it been and so much had the music industry changed that digital formats were now common and Genesis released their first ever CD album, still the band debuted at Number 1 in the UK and Number 4 in the US. There had been substantial solo work in the interim from the band members and perhaps that helped keep the Genesis fans as a collective.
Many see this album as the last true album of Genesis, it was certainly the last album Phil Collins recorded and they soon lost Chester Thompson and Daryl Strummer. Album sales were never to reach the heights the band had known ever again, but the work that had gone before stays as popular to this day. Most recognise the great work of reluctant front man Phil Collins, there seems to be a certain admiration for a guy who never sought the limelight and had it thrust upon him.