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Hammerfall T Shirts

What do you get when you take a guitarist from Ceremonial Oath and put him with a drummer from In Flames? Well what you get is a straight up power metal force by the name of Hammerfall. We all know the story of Dronjak and Stromblad and how the band came about but after several years and some terrific album they are about to return from their creative Hiatus and bring something new with Hammerfall soon and that means fans will be beside themselves with anticipation and they will need some Hammerfall t shirts to help them along the way. 

Scandinavia and Sweden itself have a great tradition of metal enthusiasts and that’s why their bands get so much respect. Hammerfall t-shirts are like a badge of honour to their fans now just in Europe but across the world and it can only be good for the metal scene to have these guys back and making music together again. Though Stromblad has gone there still remains several key members of the band who have stayed be it not all the way through in Larsson and Cans.

What 2014 May Hold For Hammerfall and Why We Can’t Wait?

It’s been almost two years since Infected hit the scene and since then we’ve heard nothing. The only thing we have heard is that there will definitely be a new album in the next calendar year but not even a sniff has been caught here about its title or if it will continue the same path as the previous album. That’s perhaps why it feels more exciting usually there are a few more leaks or ideas in which way it will go but for now we wait patiently in the dark for what is to follow.

What we can assure all fans is that when there’s something new we will tell you first chance we can and what we can promise is that any new material will come with a whole host of new Hammerfall t shirts for you to enjoy.