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Incubus T Shirts

Since incubus burst onto the scenes they have set alight the music industry with their ambitious attack and almost any musical genre they can conceive. It’s hard to put Incubus into any category because the cross so many. Listen to one song and some will describe them as alternative metal or rock. On another given day with another song and somebody could say they sounded a little techno or hip hop or heavy metal because they really do bring a lot of different influence to the table. Perhaps that’s why they’re enigmatic because they’re beautifully hard to work out and maybe that’s why they have so many loyal fans and why we sell so many Incubus t shirts that we sell every single day.

Personally I think some of their fans just get them and enjoy the ride of each song and release never quite knowing which way the boys are going to take them next. They became a commercial success long after they’d gained a following and their S.C.I.E.N.C.E was well received critically but it wasn’t until the album Make Yourself came about that they became a household name. After that the single ‘Drive’ was a smash hit and Morning View was again instantly successful. From this point on you couldn’t move for an order coming through for an Incubus t shirt and things have stayed that way here.

Monuments and Melodies and the Future for Incubus

In 2006 Incubus released the album Light Grenades and it went straight into the Billboard charts at number 1. With such success always comes criticism from sections of the music world and that’s no surprise. Some parts of the metal world thought they were simply a pop style band and not heavy enough without fully understanding their musical range across many different styles.

More recently has been the releases of their greatest hits album Monuments and Melodies and If Not No, When? What to expect in future is anybody’s guess but what we do know is that it will be innovative and interesting and we will provide even more Incubus t shirts to suit your demands when the new work comes. When a band can cite its influences as being as wide ranging as Faith No More and the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Alice in Chains and Rage Against the Machine you can never fully know what comes next.