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Jefferson Airplane T Shirts

The greatest collection of T-shirts for one of the greatest bands of all time, this is the Jefferson Airplane T-shirt collection from T Shirt Subway. The band famous for their divers psychedelic rock and divers sound now have the most divers Jefferson Airplane t shirt range right here.

We have both men’s and women’s t-shirt options, both catered for specifically across every single individual design. With long sleeve and tunic options as well as a host of colours and sizes from small to XXL we are certain that you will find at least one tee to suit your style and be the perfect fit to take you down memory lane to a time still alive inside all of us.


They were the front runners, the trailblazers for the psychedelic rock movement in San Francisco in the 1960’s to find a nationwide audience across the US.

Battling with the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane held a torch for the acid rock lovers all across the US. The surreal vocals of Grace Slick and Marty Balin had caught the attention of both fans and the media alike.
It was time for hippies and free love and nobody epitomised that more than Jefferson Airplane and it made them one of the most loved yet controversial bands of their time.

The relationships within the band reflected the time, uncertainty and fallings in and out often occurred however the band continued to produce a great body of work.

Jefferson Airplane and Woodstock

Regular tours to such places as Woodstock and Monterey they managed to release seven albums over their career and not being conventional even their end was unusual, instead of splitting they evolved into separate groups Hot Tuna and Jefferson Starship.

The original idea for the band came form Balin who had seen the British led invasion from the Beatles and other bands and saw the potential to fuse folk with a new rock style. He quickly formed a group to play this style as well as opening a club where they could play.

With the help of investors and will power they turned an old pizza parlour into a club. Balin’s voice was complimented by female singer Signe Toly and the band was completed by Kaukonen, Harvey and Peloquin. In fact it was Kaukonen who suggested the band’s name as he had jokingly been dubbed ‘Blind Thomas Jefferson Airplane’ in tribute to the blues singer Blind Lemon Jefferson.

Their debut arrived at The Matrix and attracted praise from onlookers and the press alike. Line up changes was to plague the band but they started to play much more prestigious venues. Recordings began although major hits did not arrive. With Spence drug habit becoming heavy and Anderson’s commitment to her family the band made another change.

In came Grace Slick the lead singer of Great society, she brought with her the song ‘Somebody to Love’ and the ballad ‘White Rabbit’ a tribute to Alice in Wonderland and made to discuss the impact of psychedelic drugs. Both were included in Surrealistic Pillow.

Another release and another none chart and Jefferson Airplane unleashed somebody to Love and White Rabbit and their fortunes changed immediately with both songs not only charting but becoming hits.
The band was now receiving major press coverage not only for content and contention but also for their lead singer’s captivating beauty. Mainstream America now had a sweetheart, a poster girl for their type of music.

Mainstream America had found Jefferson Airplane finally but then tried to restrict them with radio stations wary of playing music so heavily referencing drugs in their songs. What appeared to stunt Jefferson Airplane’s commercial success has in part led to their longevity, nothing beats culture and censor quite like anti culture and this is why Jefferson Aiplane t shirts remain popular to this day.

There movement was based around new ideals and freedom to speak and experiment and the one thing you can’t stop is a movement. It’s an idea and an ideal and that’s why they remain one of the biggest names in music to this day.

Thank you Jefferson Airplane for the memories and hopefully these Jefferson Airplane t-shirts do you justice and for the latest up to date information you can visit their offical website here http://www.jeffersonairplane.com/