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Jimi Hendrix T Shirts

Sometimes a person comes along not just with talent but who somehow seems to be a force of nature. They demonstrate something that stirs emotions and passion inside others can’t and this is really what we want to explore on our Jimi Hendrix t-shirts collection. Not just his music but his personality that shone through in his artistry and imagination.

Could he be the greatest Guitarist of all time? It’s a question probably best debated by more fiercely musically gifted academics than us but he probably has to stand out as the most influential. This was a man who above all else innovated. He was left handed but would play the right handed Fender upside down to generate a new sound.

You could feel his blues roots in his music, that off the cuff instantly accessible talent they seemed to talk through his music. Others had used feedback and distortion in their music but nobody had polished it like he did, it almost became a language to which he would speak to us in tune. It felt like a whirlwind of new sound whisking your mind to places it had never been before.

That’s one of the reasons we all wear our Jimi Hendrix t shirts with pride. It’s not just fans he has but a following; he led us to something new, vibrant, exciting and almost dangerous as you never quite knew where he was going to go before he started playing. Would be bring a hard rock anthem like Foxy Lady or Purple Haze to the stage or would be bring those soft, tender, almost caressing ballads like Little Wing? You just couldn’t tell and it was the blues inspired unpredictability that captured us.

His ability as a song writer and musician were undoubted and his technique and talent in the studio was something to behold but even on stage he seemed a cut above everybody else. His music may have had everybody excited but equally electrifying was his stage presence. Since his passing people have even copied his fashion and look showing that not only was he a musical icon but a style one too. Everything seemed to fit together perfectly and amazingly it seemed with little effort or planning.

The Hendrix Legacy and Significance Today

To go through individually all his albums, live performances and achievements is a daunting task even from a research point of view. We all have our favourite moments but back then exposure wasn’t like it was today you were there or you bought it and we all have our favourite moments in his career.

However when you single handed changed the face of music on a guitar you taught yourself how to play that says something incredible. Long before anybody ever thought about wearing a Jimi Hendrix t-shirt to show support for his significance books were already being wrote about the pioneer. There is a staggering fact that we discovered when reading about him and it is that every single not he ever recorded in a studio and made public has been used on over 100 albums and they even include his bootleg stuff and the early days before he was universally recognised.

Although his untimely death hurt a lot of people and shocked the world just like his personality and charisma that too remained a mystery. Where did all this talent come from was the question still being asked when the next question came flooding in a more devastating one of why did it have to go so soon.

A question that we’ll more than likely never know the answer too and that’s perhaps part of his legacy as in his music and his life he kept us guessing every step of the way and we only wish we didn’t have to do the same for how he left. We hope you enjoyed reading about him, moreover we really hope you continue to love his music and listen to it and pass it on to the next generation as if you’re paying it forward and if you see a Jimi Hendrix t-shirt you like to keep the memory alive then we’re more than happy to help.

To keep up to date with all the latest information surrounding the life and work of Jimi Hendrix please visit the official Jimi Hendrix website http://www.jimihendrix.com/us/home