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Killers T Shirt and T Shirts

The Killers T Shirts Collection at T Shirt Subway


Las Vegas baby, home of exaggerated Italian gangsters, people with drink, drug and gambling problems and the highest proportion of strippers and prostitutes in the whole of the United States of America. You may ask what has Vegas ever given humanity besides a window to all our sins; well I can tell you it gave us the Killers. That’s right, the best American export since well ever.

Brandon Flowers on vocals, Dave Keuning on backing vocals and guitar, Mark Stoermer bass guitar and backing vocals and Ronnie Vannucci Jr on drums make up one of the greatest bands that walk the earth today. Relative newcomers, only forming in 2002 their first three albums have sold over 15 million copies worldwide.


The band took their name from the fictional band in the music video of New Orders ‘crystal’ and The Killers were born. Initially they started just playing clubs, with a stable line up and array of songs swelling they went looking for an agent.


The Killers not unlike Kings of Leon first found recognition in the U.K before the U.S. Warner Brothers even passed up on The Killers and they ended up signing to a British record label Lizard King Records now Marrakesh Records.


Their debut album however Hot Fuss was released on Island Records and The Killers were truly catapulted into superstar stratosphere. Somebody Told Me, Mr Brightside and All These Things That I’ve Done were massive hits in the U.K and to be fair they are three amazing tracks for a debut album.


The albums started to roll Sam’s Town then Day and Night and the hits kept coming When We Were Young, Human, Read My Mind their distinctive sound has captured a cult following. You love The Killers, we love The Killers, and how good will it feel to wear the greatest T Shirts ever made for the greatest band on the planet? It will feel incredible.