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Kreator T Shirts

Kreator have been around for some time now and the same goes for the incredible Kreator t shirts too and aren’t we glad Germany gave birth to this terrific band? They’ve returned to the style we all know and love and are back to making some of the best music around. Thrash metal just wouldn’t be the same without these guys (and of course the great Sodom) and the band from Essen we all know and love have really been in top form since joining Nuclear Blast. It almost feels like they’ve started over again and what 2014 will bring nobody knows.

The band are currently about to let rip on their lucky South American fans with a whole host of live shows and despite not being lucky enough to attend a Kreator show yet we’ve been told by those within the industry that it really is something to experience. It is definitely on the 'to do' list and wouldn’t it be great to turn up and see a few of our very own Kreator t shirts standing there in the crowd?

Kreator in South America and Dying Alive

The thrash metal legends Kreator are finally returning to Chile and South America. Of course they’ll be stopping off in Beijing and Baltimore first but one of the hardest working bands in thrash metal are taking it upon themselves to serve up a real treat for fans all over the world. Their home fans in Germany have been treated to a few trailers now for Dying Alive and with their DVD to be premiered soon it is all go for these guys.

We’re not sure what the next year will hold after the festive season but what we do know is these thrash giants will be here and playing music for a long time to come and hopefully that means there will be plenty more Kreator t shirts to enjoy in the very near future.