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Limp Bizkit T Shirts

Limp Bizkit are one of those bands that split people straight down the middle, you either hate them or love them. Some people find their ranting, arrogant, style of boasting how much money they have whilst constantly whining about anything and everything unbearable. Others are hooked by the raw aggression and the nu metal fad that seems to have gripped a young white America and with our Limp Bizkit t shirts collection we are definitely trying to embody that spirit.

The band itself made up of the meat headed Fred Durst, Sam river, John Otto and DJ Lethal have amongst others things sold over 35 million records worldwide. Significant Other and Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavoured Water were hugely successful and that later sold over 1.05 million copies in its first week making it the fastest selling rock album of all time breaking Pearl Jam’s record that had stood for 7 years and fans were queing up to get their hands on their first Limp Bizkit t shirts.

Limp Bizkit rather than sticking to rock blurred the lines between rock and hip hop, after Nookie which was massive they released N 2 Gether Now featuring hip hop artist Method Man and on the album Significant other used vocals from the lead singers of Korn and Stone Temple Pilots.

Widely condemned for their loutish and inciting behaviour at Woodstock 99 that led to the crowd fighting, lighting fires and several sexual assaults the band denied any culpability. Quite how music is supposed to make people commit sexual assault is beyond us here at T Shirt Subway but the band faced a backlash. 


Limp Bizkit then released the album Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavoured Water which got a mixed reception. My Generation and ‘Rollin’ still rocked the charts and whilst they were derided in some quarters they were loved in others. Love them or hate them its up to you but here’s their best T Shirts from the past decade.


Limp Bizkit and What the Future Holds

After the spat, break up and reunion followed by another break up between Durst and DJ Lethal the band have finally sat down and started to get stuck into some really exciting stuff, most notably their new album Stampede of the Disco Elephants (Unquestionable Truth Part 2) and now with Cash Money records we have some future stuff to look forward to.

We’ve already been teased a little into anticipation by his work with Lil Wayne and the leaked ‘Lightz’ but that’s only served as the starter and fans here are ready for the main meal. Hopefully with their spats behind them and producer Ross Robinson back on board we can look forward to some great new stuff.

For latest information on the band and how their tour went or if you’re planning to catch them in Rio, Brazil then please visit their official website http://limpbizkit.com/