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Living Colour T Shirts

When Vernon Reid decided to step out on his own and do his own thing nobody quite knew what to expect from the kid from Brooklyn but what we got was the amazing Living Color. The band first came to prominence in the punk and funk scene that consumed Manhattan. Reid himself had despite his age been very experienced touring the world over and you somehow get the feeling that helped his wide range of musical tastes.

Our Living Colour t shirts we hope are just as surprising and interesting as what came next and we hope it has done his creation justice. You couldn’t really identify the musical genre of the band because it crossed so many and even Reid’s vocals were a strange mix to contend with but what fans knew was that this was something new, exciting and special.

Reid himself said the band had a lot to contend with particularly in the MTC age of the early to mid 80’s which really want to categorize each band into something more palatable. Whilst one particular sound was portrayed as rock and put into a specifically white only category anything that came from a band of African American background they were expected to simply find a comfortable slot in Reggae or R’n’B sections that were much easier to digest.

That’s what a Living Colour t shirt is really all about. Not allowed life, society or business to actually pigeon hole you and identify you in accordance to colour. It should be about what music you produce and Reid was instrumental in that message and that’s really why the fans connected. A rock sound for the black youth but also the fact that ethnicities should have no boundaries in music that can’t be overcome simply by producing the right sound and that is the real message that hit home.

The Black Rock Coalition and Its Effect on Music

Reid was anything but passive on his ideas on civil rights in society and music and het set up the Black Rock Coalition to defend those rights. The terms musical apartheid has been used for the situation at that time and it was an accurate term and something most in the music business and entertainment in general thought was normality.

The aims were to fight racism and then promote musical liberation within the industry and they did a good job of promoting that message and the effects of which can be seen years later. It was two decades later and members of the Black Rock Coalition included acts such as Fishbone and Bad Brains and the Black Rock Orchestra created and directed by Reid is renowned for its musical influence.

So if you are a fan of Living Color and you would like to celebrate that with some significant t-shirts to celebrate that fact then this is the best place to be. Why not go out and make a statement about yourself and what you believe with your Living Color t shirt today.