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Lostprophets T Shirts

Due to the recent allegations against Lostprophets lead singer Ian Watkins we would like to inform all fans of the band that until the upcoming court case is concluded we will not be completing orders for any purchases of Lostprophets t-shirts. We firmly believe that any person is innocent until proven guilty but the nature of the allegations means until the conclusion sales have been suspended.

We hope you understand this.

The Lostprophets could be considered a rock band that came about primarily as a side project to the punk band Pubic Disturbance and they have released five studio albums to date their most recent being Weapons in 2012. The ‘bum mules’ as they were originally called in Watkins and Mike Lewis they quickly gathered a following in the emerging Welsh music scene.

The fakesoundofprogress was the bands’ first album and it splits the fans in two. Some appreciated the original and low cost production where the sound was gritty, real and urban but that album was later remastered by the acclaimed producer Michael Barbiero and as with all fans some can label the accusation to the band of selling out for a more polished and accomplished sound.     
Their next albums Start Something and Liberation Transmission met with two very different reactions. The first was a commercial success with a few issue with sounding similar in a couple of songs to other artists most notably one track ‘Bum Bum’ sounding like Mother Mary from the band Far and the band themselves even admitting that the singing pattern drew comparisons with the Adamski song Killer.

The band had some line up changes and were fighting against criticism of selling out and becoming too commercial and so they returned to their roots by playing smaller venues after larger tours and started work on their album Liberation Transmission which was also to eventually be a success.

The Betrayed Album and What Has Happened Since

The Betrayed album was released and despite some further line up changes the album was according to Watkins the most honest they’d ever done and it was darker and nastier than any that had come before it. That was essentially what the fans wanted to hear and the hard rock, nu metal, grunge scene prides itself on the gritty and dark nature of its music.

However what has happened since has stopped the Lostprophets in their tracks. It’s pretty much all over until the court case is concluded with the band themselves saying that they are learning about Watkins fate as much as we are. Shock and disbelief are words they have used and it the words used by many fans and the music industry all over but until its conclusion few can comment any further.