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Madness T Shirts

Madness T-shirts at T Shirt Subway

Do you love madness? The marmite of ska music some love them. Some loathe. Suggs to many is a cocky tone deaf cockney git. To us he was a musical genius. Simple life never had such a voice. Now ok My Girl’s Mad at Me and Our house in the middle of our street aren’t lyrical gold. Madness was never about that it was about a funky new wave movement of just letting go and enjoying ourselves.

Taking music one step beyond the chords and melodies and taking it a whole new level of fun and we welcome the house of fun. For the first time straight white men without a rhythmical bone in their body could jump on the dance floor at will the minute baggy trousers came on and mash away without fear.
Why? Madness didn’t care a time for nostalgia, men could be men and feel unashamed being uncool was cool and anything different was worthwhile experiencing.

A Far cry from the processed bands and artists of today, who all sound the same and have the scripted charisma of their lifeless managers who direct them down a pre-determined path to fame, ex factor Britain is talentless I’m looking at you.

Everything was organic then and carefree and sounds evolved.
So get your madness T Shirt on, get the album on c.d (no downloads) and get down with Suggs and the boys and get living!