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Nickelback T shirts

Nickelback, the only thing to come out of Canada that is more welcome than a young Pamela Anderson, a rock band from Hanna, Alberta formed by Chad Kroeger, Mike Kroeger, Ryan Peake and then drummer Brandon Kroeger. Largely adored for being a great rock band they have also dabbled in experiments with pop and country whilst staying close to their hard rock and grunge base and also gave us some brilliant Nickelback t shirts to enjoy to.

The band takes its name from Chad’s job at Starbucks where he would always say ‘there’s your nickel back’ when giving change. Makes you warm to think even stars like these had to start somewhere. The biggest foreign selling acts in the United States outside The Beatles, Nickelback have been a huge commercial success all over the world and of course that has inspired us to create our very own Nickleback t shirts collection.

Post Hesher and Nickelbacks Global Breakthrough

After Hesher and The State the band released their breakthrough album Silver Side up containing the smash hit How You Remind Me and propelled them to superstars, the two tracks that followed Too Bad and Never again both charted at number 1 on the back of its success.

The bands fifth album was arguably their best All The Right Reasons gave us 5 of Nickelback’s biggest singles to date Photograph, Savin’ Me, Far Away, If Everyone Cared and the amazing Rockstar. So put your hands together for the band that shows Canada isn’t all mountains friendly people and strippers.