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Paul Weller T Shirts

The Paul Weller T Shirts Collection at T Shirt Subway.

Paul Weller t shirt

A Paul Weller t shirt has been something of a fashion statement for a long time. He’s always been seen as one of the good buys of British music and one of the most respected musicians of modern times. Some years ago it was devout fans who would wear a Weller t shirt beaming with pride back in the day before social media could tell the world who your favourite artist or band was.

There’s been a shift now and as always music and fashion transcend barriers and spread across the globe and now there are fashion fans from all over the world who adorn a Paul Weller t-shirt not for his music but for his respect in the world of music and fashion. There’s something undeniably cool about Paul Weller and it seems people enjoy that rubbing off on them.

Paul Weller t shirts

We have a huge collection of Paul Weller t shirts to choose from and we hope you enjoy them. We have scoured the globe to bring you the very best that is on offer and you can read a little more further down about what we thing some of the best picks of a great bunch are.

The one thing we can guarantee is choice. We have more choice than any other website in the world and if you are looking for a women’s Paul Weller t shirt then you have come to the perfect place. We have created every design in a specifically tailored choice for women.

If you want choice of sizes then that is perfect too because in each and every design we can offer across all styles every size from small all the way to XXL so there’s no need to worry if we have something to fit. If there’s something not in your size feel free to email us and let us know we are always willing to help

Paul Weller T-shirts across the World

As T shirt Subway is one of the largest music t shirt stores in the world we bring every design straight to your door and it doesn’t matter if you come from the US, Australia, Germany or Japan we can bring all our choices to your door but we have to make a special mention to the Paul Weller UK t shirts which have been fantastic quality. Perhaps his home country feels love for him so much but the effort into the designs is terrific.

The Paul Weller Truth T shirt is one of our favourite designs it looks picture perfect and is even better in the flesh. You really couldn’t wish for a better offering than what you have here if you are a Weller fan so take a peek and enjoy

The Paul Weller Groove t shirt comes with subtle sophistication that swings into action. You can look good and feel great with this t-shirt or you could make somebody’s day and give it as a perfect gift

The Friday Street t-shirt is fast becoming our most popular. Fans love it and in all fairness we haven’t seen anybody who visually doesn’t think is fantastic. One of the very best music t shirts you will ever see.

Last but not least is the vintage Paul Weller World Cafe t shirt. You have to take a look at this because it sells itself with a real honest vintage quality you’ll feel closer to those days gone by than ever before.

The Jam t shirts

It’s hard to mention Paul Weller without throwing The Jam into the mix. Iconic doesn’t begin to describe what this band means to the world and the UK but words really don’t do them justice. I think we all spent some of our best years listening to the Jam and we have the world’s largest collection of The Jam t-shirts available right here at T Shirt Subway 

Paul Weller Biography


Paul Weller, born 25 May 1958, is the English singer/songwriter who shot to worldwide fame with the band The Jam from 1972-1982.

He established himself as a successful solo artist after branching out from The Jam with the soulful style of The Style Council from 1983-1989.

Referred to as the Modfather for his key role in the mod revival of the 70s and 80s, he is massive national star who shaped his genre. He has, however, achieved less international success despite widespread critical recognition.

He was born John William Weller Sheerwater, Surrey (England) but later acquired the name Paul. After a youth full of musical influences such as The Beatles, The Who and the Small Faces, he formed The Jam with best friends and was managed by his father.

Emerging at the same times as punk rock The Clash and the Sex Pistols, they helped form the NeW Wave genre that later followed.