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Pink Floyd T-shirts

Pink Floyd T-shirt and T-shirts at T Shirt Subway

Welcome to the Pink Floyd T-shirt Collection at T Shirt Subway. Here you will find more Floyd T-shirts than anywhere else with Dark Side of the Moon, Animals, The Wall, Comfortably Numb and Wish You Were here in a whole host of men's and women's t shirt styles for you to enjoy.

This is the world's biggest Pink Floyd T-shirt Collection and you are going to love it!


For over two decades now Pink Floyd has long been the iconic band of a generation. Their hits span the global music world and their style and unique musical talents set them out like no other band, For over two decades the Pink Floyd T Shirt hasn’t just become something for avid fans to enjoy, the t shirt itself has become a status symbol for all those who dare to think, be different and question the world around us just like Floyd did.

As the world’s only global music T shirt store, we like to service the whole world with finest Pink Floyd T Shirts. A special mention has to go to the fans in the UK, who are so passionate about Pink Floyd and Pink Floyd T shirts it never ceases to surprise us.

We have sent Pink Floyd T shirts all over the globe, in Europe to Spain, Italy and the Netherlands, to America and Canada and even to Asia and Australia but none more so than the UK. It’s great to know that Pink Floyd doesn’t just touch one place, one area but that in fact the power of their music reaches so far and wide that you would be hard pressed to find a single place on earth where you might not see a Floyd T Shirt.

Dark Side of the Moon T Shirt

Sometimes an image just hits you, you don’t know on what level but it strikes a chord and that infamous Pink Floyd album cover resting on a T Shirt just does that, that’s what makes the Dark Side of The Moon T Shirt so special.

The beam of light breaking through the triangle creating a prism of colour, the black background almost feels like space and time combined. Is it about setting things free from the prism which they are held to reveal the true beauty? We’re not sure but what we do know is the Dark Side of the Moon T Shirt may be the best Pink Floyd T Shirt ever made.

The Wall T Shirt

We don’t need no education, we all know the words and The Wall stands out as the most successful Pink Floyd song ever and The Wall T Shirt is definitely one of the most successful Pink Floyd T-Shirts of all time.

Some argue of which is the greatest Floyd song of all time and fanatical followers of the band rarely suggest it is The Wall but few doubt it was possibly their most significant. People wear the Pink Floyd the Wall T-Shirt now as a fashion icon and a message against repression.

Very few songs capture the feeling of group and the youth were feeling disaffected at the time of this song, schooling hadn’t changed in years and when The Wall was released it resonated with every single young person the world over and the only way to describe it is genius.


The Wish You Were Here T Shirt to those not in the know may sound like a holiday souvenir but to Floyd fans they know it’s a tribute to what was one of the greatest albums and album covers of all time.

The two men shaking hands set alight by greed and corporate corruption, an instant take on society in one wonderful picture. If I were to buy only one Pink Floyd T-Shirt my whole life, it would be a struggle; I’d probably buy the Wish You Were Here T Shirt.


Probably the last of the world famous Pink Floyd T-Shirts is the Comfortably Numb T Shirt. Such an incredible song, with power and meaning it can take you off to another place. The image itself is just as powerful and recognisable as any you will come across.

If your looking for a t shirt that says Floyd but screams Comfortably Numb then this has to be the tee for you. So sit back turn down the lights, light up and slap some Pink Floyd on the background and enjoy this T Shirt and how it was meant to be worn.

We can’t say anything about Syd Barrett you don’t already know so all we can add is that no Pink Floyd T-shirt collection would be complete without a Syd Barrett T Shirt. A legend in music and a true genius in his work, so here’s to you Syd and we hope you like the t shirts

The Roger Waters T Shirt

Syd has his own mention and we couldn’t leave out Roger Waters, what a man. If you like Pink Floyd then it will have crossed your mind at some point to buy a Roger Waters T Shirt. It’s as given as the sun rising in the morning. The Great Gig in the Sky is a perfect T Shirt for any Roger Waters fan.

Women’s Pink Floyd T Shirts

With a large percentage of Pink Floyd fans out there, where are all the women’s or ladies Pink Floyd T-shirts out there? Well they are right here at T Shirt Subway the world’s largest Pink Floyd T-shirt and clothing store and we have every single t shirt design with a specific women’s or ladies t-shirt option.

That’s right finally you can look through a choice of Floyd shirts knowing that if, if you wanted to do away with the unisex t-shirt fit you can and simply choose the unique exclusive women’s range right here. Don’t hesitate get looking straight away you might just find something you love. 



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