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The Cure T Shirts

The The Cure T Shirts Collection at T Shirt Subway.

The Cure were the alternative rock band of their time with such a unique image and passion for the thoughtful the embodied what was a more romantic and almost feminine era of music and that’s what we are trying to reflect in The Cure t-shirts we have on offer for you today.

We believe this is the biggest and the most diverse collection of Cure t-shirts you will find anywhere on line so with your permission we’d like to walk you through a few that have become the most popular or perhaps just some we have taken shine to ourselves and we will start with The Cure Love Song t-shirt.

It is a cracking tee shirt and holds an almost broken colour and design scheme but somehow captures the melancholy of the band perfectly with such a blissfully happy title you’d expect the cover to bursting with colour but instead there is a remanence of once bold colour scheme but somehow it has faded a little to grey and that is exactly what we were going for in this love song t-shirt.

Next we have the swirling Never Enough t-shirt that almost captures the dream like state you can enter when listening to The Cure as everything seems a little hazy, beautifully intangible like there is an idea of an idea and something you connect with but in the end there’s nothing and it is never enough.

The Cure Disintegration t-shirt is always popular amongst fans not just because of the great music but a lot of The Cure’s work is based around some sort of degradation not in the humiliatory sense but in things kind of degrade over time and that is why the fans of the band who grew with the music felt connected how life is beautiful but no matter how much we try it does lose a little gloss over time as the wonders of childhood lose the battle to reality of live.

The Bite the Big Apple t-shirt is simply a tribute to a great piece of work and that typical dark and scrawling art still remains popular amongst fans to this day as it becomes beautifully disjointed on the t-shirt to leave onlookers puzzled if intrigued.

 The Strange Darling t-shirt we feel almost like a personal nod to Robert Smith and whilst we’re sure it was written by him and not for him it is often how life makes us interpret ourselves often we enjoy seeing in others what we like about ourselves and we can’t help but think this piece of art acts like a mirror and that respect and describes the amazing Robert Smith how we see him and it just happens to be in his own words.

The stand out sing along anthem to any The Cure collection and possibly the most popular t-shirt from the collection and of course it is the Friday I’m In Love t-shirt. I think everybody when they hear those words immediately switch on a mental track player in their mind like somehow we have a musical remote control of our internal thoughts and suddenly we’re back in time and the song, the great song The Cure are often famous for is playing away in the background. In fact I bet you right now are singing inside and that’s why The Cure’s Friday I’m In Love t-shirt remains the most popular.

A Little Bit Extra About The Cure frm T Shirt Subway


The Cure are an English alternative rock band from Crawley, West Sussex and one of the most unique bands there has ever been and for that they deserve some truly unique The Cure t shirts surely.

Whilst unique can be different, imaginative it does not mean official. The Cure t shirts you see here on the site are not endorsed by the band themselves but seem to be loved by their fans around the world. Good music t-shirts are hard to come by so just enjoy when you fidn them.

Since forming in 1976 they have had numerous changes in line-up but frontman Robert Smith (vocals, guitar) has been a constant member.

Their early years were not a success, despite their debut album Three Imaginary Boys (1979) springing them straight into the New Wave era, and their dark musical style being part of the formation of the gothic rock genre.

However, things turned around in 1982 when a change in style and musical "mood" saw the single Let's Go to Bed accepted by a mainstream audience.

Their popularity soared through the 90s, especially in the US, thanks to hits Friday I'm in Love, Just Like Heaven and Lovesong.

They became one of the most popular alternative rock bands worldwide, selling close to 30 million albums and of course selling The Cure t shirts all over the world too.