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U2 T shirts

Even from the first moment they hit the airwaves there was something different about U2 and here at the U2 t shirts collection we are hoping to embody that spirit of outspoken and principled approach the band themselves displayed from an early stage. The names of Bono and The Edge now are things you associate with U2, rock and music in general and they have carved something of a global iconic legend from humble roots back in beautiful Ireland.    

To think back to their first gig when they were so nervous playing to the massive audiences they play now there’s such a huge change and yet it happened almost seamlessly from the moment they had their first hit. Everybody has a favourite U2 song be It One, Sunday Bloody Sunday or any of their other classics but they managed to retain what was typically a U2 sound but vary it in so many ways to create a series of rock songs that just flowed from one to the next. You can’t walk into a U2 concert without seeing thousands of U2 t shirts joined together in celebration.

Their image has changed though once outspoken political artists with deep opinions of their experiences in Ireland they still hold this noble and admirable need to send out a message to their fans and people the world over but where it was once cutting and sliced into your thoughts they now with age seem to say things just as important but in a slightly different way. Their fans now span four generations and you can still see teenagers now flocking to the U2 alter of music.

U2, Their Iconic Albums and Ferocious Campaigning Connect With Fans

When you think of U2 and we have plenty of U2 fans here in the T Shirt Subway U2 t shirts collection we all seem to come up with slightly different thoughts as to what the band immediately mean. Some jump straight to the instrumental side with a deep love of the Edge, some people seem to simply associate the band with thoughts of Ireland or home as they call it here and for me personally it was the great albums that they released.

They seem to come from a time when the album was something to be cherished. It wasn’t simply a case of downloading it you always had to visit the shop, merchant and physically pick it up and rarely were the contents revealed in detail until you unwrapped that C.D. For me I remember picking up and with great anticipation sliding the discs of October, War, The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby and that gives you a little indication of the era but I remember being blown away and listening to each one from start to finish something I rarely do now.

There are others here who simply think of the work done for charitable, political and social causes with Live Aid coming straight to mind and Ethiopia, not to mention Greenpeace and El Salvador and the problems they highlighted is Bosnia and even back in their home country and it seems to hold U2 up as much more than a band. Even though they are one of the best selling bands of all time they almost feel like a movement embedded in music and perhaps that’s not right, maybe through their music they found a way to help people but you can’t help but wonder if they set out to help people through their music.

The reasons for the path they have taken isn’t important it is one few bands will ever walk again as times change and social conscience seems to be on the decline but here at the U2 t shirts collection at T Shirt Subway we really hope that isn’t the case but time will tell and for now we will just enjoy what they give us daily.