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Van Halen T shirts

Van Halen take a rightful place on the Rock and Roll Hall of fame as one of the greatest rock bands of all time and here at the Van Halen t shirts section we can absolutely see why. The band not without their controversy has only two members that have endured the entire time the band has been around and they are of course Eddie and Alex Van Halen and they are now joined by Eddie’s son Wolfgang who returned at the same time David Lee Roth did.

Many cite the earlier Dave lee Roth as one of the most prosperous for the band but for an act to have continued all these years surely has to have the staple of the Van Halen brothers at the heart of it. We couldn’t take more pride in wearing our Van Halen t shirts then when we hear one creep out on radio or we can shove a disc in and really get pumped. It is hard to not to find yourself bounding across the room when you play a little air guitar to Jump but they have come up with so many great songs you could be here all day naming them all.

Special mentions have to go out to Eruption, Runnin’ With the Devil and Hot For Teacher because they hold such a firm memory in each fans mind but there has been so much more to the band than just a few hit singles. Often even people not fans of the band don’t realise just how many tracks they know and actually enjoy and they’re still reeling them out to this day now.

The Van Halen Controversies and The Future

The strange thing is Van Halen despite massive success have had issues with each departing band member with a whole load of conflicting stories as to why and how they come to leave but that’s not something too unfamiliar with rock bands. We shouldn’t really be surprised as every person no matter who they are can see the same situation from two different perspectives but we know a lot of fans were delighted to see them reunite with Dave Lee Roth.

The band now have a mix of following from new young fans who see them as an iconic symbol of American rock to the golden oldies like ourselves who spent hours with pretend guitars wishing we could hit the same chords Eddie could. What we do know is that Van Halen t shirts remain as popular as ever and long may that continue at the home of the world’s largest non official Van Halen t shirt collection.