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White Stripes T Shirts

The White Stripes T Shirts Collection at T Shirt Subway.

We absolutely love The White Stripes here at T shirt Subway and we hope this ‘White Stripes t shirts’ collections show some of the love that we feel in each design. They’re not official but made with pure love and when we talk about Jack and Meg we always have the same things going around in our mind or the same questions in fact like do they only wear red and white and where on earth did they get the name.

Some of the more cynical fans out there think the name White Stripes comes from a reference to a certain social drug some people use but in reality it could be something a lot simpler given both of their names are White given their family relationship. It was apparently meg’s love for Peppermint that led to this name though some dispute this but given they almost called themselves Soda Powder could equally explain each category very well but either way here at the White Stripes t shirts collection we don’t mind how they came about because that is not a fans job it just to love what they do.    

The White Stripes Past, Present and Perhaps Future


The White Stripes are the American rock band consisting of Jack and Meg White. They were married, and formed in 1997 Detroit, Michigan.

Jack (vocals, guitar and keyboard) and Meg (drums and vocals) released many singles and several albums in the Detroit music scene before, in 2002, rising to prominence within the garage rock genre.

Their albums White Blood Cells and Elephant helped form a large fanbase, but it was their massive hit Seven Nation Army that shot them to the forefront of their genre, with its guitar riff since becoming iconic. So much so that it became a huge footballing anthem, being played after each goal in Euro 2012 (the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship), with occasional features at Euro 2008, and was Italy's unofficial anthem when they won the World Cup in 2006.


What the future holds we don't know but if we see or near of anything new we will try and improve this section witha  whole load more White Stripes t shirts to enjoy and feel free to send any ideas you wish to us to improve this collection.