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5 Reasons Why Ben Affleck Will Make a Great Batman

With all the fuss surrounding Ben Affleck’s casting as the ‘Caped Crusader’ it easy to get swept along with the wave of criticism that’s coming his way. Now we’re not going to pretend that Ben Affleck has been fantastic in every picture he’s been in or that he’s been in so many fantastic films but his acting career does have some notable performances and what’s clear is that he’s improved with age.

Anybody who has seen his performances in Hollywoodland, The Town and of course Argo will have seen a very accomplished actor and also one capable of acting and directing at the same time with a great deal of success. Clearly since the days of Good Will Hunting he’s been a capable screenwriter but perhaps these stints behind the camera have matured and honed his acting skills and on closer inspection it seems likely that he will make and excellent Batman and here’s 5 reasons why.


1. If the rumours are true then Zach Snyder wants to take Batman in a very different direction. Instead of the young, headstrong lost aggression brought to the character by Bale he wants a wearier and battle trodden character than that to take Batman forward. Who better than Affleck for this role? His understated and human role as agent Tony Mendez in Fargo showed his ability to deepen a character without over acting. Calm, calculated it seems he’s perfectly suited to the more mature and perhaps fatigued Batman


2. Ben Affleck stands 6ft 3 inches tall. That makes him physically the largest actor to have ever played Batman. As anybody has seen in the film The Town he’s clearly capable of bulking up to fill the suit. How do you level the playing field between Batman and a superhero with physical strength advantage and many more natural powers? You make the more powerful hero younger, Batman older and wiser and physically Affleck stands a full 2 inches taller when they come face to face which makes the eye believe they’re more equally matched. Now ask yourself this between Cavil and Affleck when face to face who will you eye turn to? For most the screen will be captured by the bigger star.


3. The one thing Affleck does is split any audience. On one hand his box office ability isn’t in question. Undoubtedly his good looks and charisma make a firm mark with some fans who really like him and you can see that by how much he grosses in his films. His star quality is not in question. However some find his looks, money and movie star attitude somewhat cheesy and some even find it a reason to despise Affleck. Now thing about that. There are many actors who can carry off Batman. There are many actors who can carry off Bruce Wayne. How many can carry off both. To be loved and loathed at the same time in different ways. That’s why Affleck has been chosen he can divide opinions at will.


4. Fans have been massively wrong about casting mistakes before. Think about it fans overreact without even thinking these days and social media and on line chat makes things easier to spiral into a mob mentality. If you’re old enough you can remember the fuss when Michael Keaton was first cast as Batman. Nobody liked or wanted this soft imaged actor played as the Dark Knight and he was hammered upon taking the role and the result was a terrific performance. If you need any further proof thing about the criticism Heath Ledger received when was to play The Joker. How far off the mark was that?


5. Finally and of course most importantly Ben Affleck is a good actor. He may not have always been in great movies or given great performances (let Daredevil go) but in recent times his acting and even direction have been something to admire. Some actors are born great and others become great. I’m not actually suggesting he’s a great actor yet. However people who think he’s a bad actor are way off. He’s got the right materials to make for an outstanding Batman. So let’s wait and see. 


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