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Green Day Lead Singer Becomes Movie Star

This is the news a lot of Billie Joe Armstrong fans have been waiting for and expecting in that he is finally going to hit the big screen sometimes soon in a film playing opposite Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester. He is going to play her boyfriend in the film called Like Sunday, Like Rain and it represents a different career path for Billie Joe.

The film is directed by Frank Whaley who you will probably recognise from Field of Dreams or his brief but prominent role in Pulp Fiction as Brad (we all remember the metric system conversation right) and he has already directed films such as New York Serenade. News has spread that his acting ability is beyond what was expected and what we’ve seen from his brief TV appearances is far short of what he’s capable of.

What do Green Day fans think I wonder? Is there any role they think he’d be great for in future? Here’s a little glimpse of the great man in action with Green Day.