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  • Jackson Family Devastated Over Wrongful Death Outcome

Jackson’s ‘Devastated’ At Losing Court Battle

The long running court battle between the Jackson family and AEG Live has now finally come to an end with a judge ruling that AEG were not negligent in hiring Dr Conrad Murray in their ‘wrongful death’ suit in the aftermath of Michael Jackson's death. It was the family’s claim that Dr Murray was unfit and it was negligent of AEG Live to hire such a professional. However the judge found that indeed he was a professional and competent and that he simply ‘caved’ to his famous patient’s wishes.

The family, namely Katherine, wanted the money as whilst she receives money from his estate when she is gone nothing will pass don to her children. They were confident the trail would go in their favour and were hoping the emotive case would find support in court. However that is not the case and whilst they won’t be stuck with a massive legal bill as they had a ‘no win no pay’ agreement it has left them devastated.

Dr Conrad Murray is serving in prison for injecting Michael with a lethal dose that was given to help him sleep and was the person who took most of the blame for what happened that day. However the feeling is now the case is over the family will reveal the extent of his drug addiction and reveal it was indeed Michael Jackson himself who constructed his own downfall. A tragic end to an even greater tragedy and hopefully for Michael fans we can lift the spirits but showing below how we’d all prefer to remember him.