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Lady Gaga Gives Birth to ARTPOP

So Lady Gaga has likened the making of her latest album ARTPOP to giving birth has she? Well we all know she’s never given birth but to be fair she’s so great we can forgive her for talking about something she doesn’t yet know can’t we? I think everybody can’t wait for its official release and when comes up with tweets like this you just have to smile ‘The head is crowning. ARTPOP birthing pains #NoEpidural SPREAD’EM Venus the goddess is coming’

There’s been a little back and forth over the old Twitter pages as she has taken to reassuring fans that she understands their frustration at missing the intending track listing release on the 29th of September but we are absolutely certain her ‘monsters’ will forgive her. Especially as she found a few who waited outside her studio until 5am just to show their support. Her tweet said “monsters sleeping outside the studio last night. Left at 5am and said how come you guys are still here! They said to support you. So rad (sic)”

You can see Lady Gaga sing her song Applause right here