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Miley Cyrus Topless in Rolling Stone Magazine: What’s the Fuss?

After the incredible sensation she caused with her twerking in a flesh coloured bikini recently and being strategically naked in her new video you may have been forgiven for thinking this is the peak if the prodigious singers news revelations but hot on the back of that is her topless posing for next months’ Rolling Stone magazine. Of course cue the outrage, the criticism and the calls from public places that she’s an attention seeker but isn’t that what we’re really after?

If you want to take a look at the interview you can here http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/miley-cyrus-confessions-of-pops-wildest-child-20130924 though we would suggest you temper any reaction to what the rest of the world seem to be doing now. Let’s face it she is certainly livening up the face of music at the moment which is pretty predictable and artists have over the years never been shy at courting controversy and is what she’s doing any worse than the systematic drug abuse we’ve seen from other musicians?

Is it any worse than the dancing we see week in week out in rap videos with silicone enhanced women shake everything for the camera? Is it any worse than what Madonna or Lady Gaga have done? I’d suggest that our reaction is simply because of her age and who she used to be. When a mature artist does something controversial they’re expressing themselves. How is this any different? Had she not done what she did at the VMA’s it would have been a pretty boring show.

Personally I’ve seen the reaction has had for her dancing and new sexual image and to me it seems people are struggling to let go of the old Hannah Montana image. It’s a hard fact of life that innocent little girls grow up and in an industry where sex sells is she taking any different a path from Nelly Furtado who when from a free flying bird to a Maneater. Is it any different from teenage songstress Mariah Carey turning into an all out enhanced sex symbol.

Is it any different to Christina going from genie in a bottle to dirty in just a few short years? It’s not but women want to see the girl their daughters grew up with staying innocent so not as to influence their children into following the same path. In fact more than this, women naturally fear younger women coming through into motherhood because no woman can turn back the clock. Unfortunately that’s it really. There’s nothing shocking about what Miley Cyrus has done so far but women’s and media’s reaction has been the shock.

It’s simply reared the green old head of many around these parts in parents the displacement of their own fears that one day their innocent little girls will one day to lose that innocence just like she has.