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The Most Shocking VMA Moments Ever


Anybody would think after Miley Cyrus’ performance at the VMA awards that music has been shy of controversy or that these particular awards have been. Nothing could be further from the truth as this particular award has always courted controversy with the performances given there. Here’s what we consider to be the 5 most controversial performances in the history of the VMA awards. 

5. Miley Cyrus ‘Twerking’ hit the headlines recently but was it really that shocking? She wasn’t singing, she danced and she was pretty much covered. In the world of music we’ve seen much skimpier outfits, much raunchier dancing but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t controversial. It was. Simply because most of us remember her as Hannah Montana a teenage innocent and what was really clever about the performance was her use of the ‘foam finger’ a much loved item of US sports fans. It caused such a fuss to see such an innocent item with such an innocent girl be flipped into a raunchy dance routine. Even if there was nothing really explicit about the routine it was how the audience felt seeing it and their overreaction that made it controversial.

4. Liam Gallagher. Let’s get this right Oasis were a terrific band and Liam and Noel very talented but the former was prone to making a complete ass out of himself on many occasions. He doesn’t seem to mind though and fair play he can live how he likes but when Oasis performed Champagne Supernova at the VMA’s his swearing, gesturing and beer throwing whilst his brother Noel played his guitar solo was just plain stupid. However this has to make the list simply because it’s incredible rare during a performance one member is attacked by another in his own band and that has to go down as a shocker

3. Prince. You’d expect most things from Prince but even we were surprised when he entered onto the stage with his backside revealing pants. During his performance it was clear he was happy to expose it for all to see and admire and it has to go down as one of the most shocking moments in VMA history. Perhaps it shouldn’t because it’s not unusual to see a bit of ‘ass; on stage but it is a first to see it coming from the male department. I have to say watching and waiting as a Prince fan for him to come on stage it definitely wasn’t what I was expecting.

2. Madonna, Britney and Christina. Now Britney could have made the list several times. From naked dancing at 18, to some strange stuff with a live snake and one of the shockingly worst performances in her later years where she clearly couldn’t care less about being on stage and they all could have made the list but this is the one we’ve plumped for. An ageing Madonna who few want to see trying to be sexy essentially engineering a lesbian kiss with Britney and Christina. Nobody wanted to see that. Any red blooded young male would have preferred Madonna to step aside and let the other two at each other but it smacked is lesbianism for shock quality only. It was shocking.

1. Now for the number one moment. If Miley Cyrus dancing, Liam Gallagher being offensive and a manage a trios with Britney and Madonna didn’t get the top spot who did? It can only be the one person really deserving of the title of most controversial and that is of course Lady Gaga. Her show on stage where she started bleeding and ended up hanging herself on stage has to go down as the number one by a country mile. Blood, death, activists slamming her for glamorising suicide and parents up and down the country panicking about a mass wave of suicides she took this spot and made it her own. Of course nobody remembers not of the expected aftermath happened and that it was just a performance but people still remain livid about that to this day.