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No Oasis Reunion For Noel He’s Joining Blur

This is one hell of a turn up for the books but Noel Gallagher who just a few days ago completely smashed rumours about Oasis reforming is actually about to record a new track with Damon Albarn and Blur. The once fierce rivals have been friends for some time and it seems almost certain now that Noel will co write at least one of Blur’s new tracks. At a time when Liam has mooted that he wouldn’t be dead set against the idea of an Oasis reunion this could perhaps be the biggest ‘two finger’s up to his brother Noel has given.


When asked a few months back Noel stated ‘it was news to him’ when asked if he was collaborating with Damon Albarn in the recent future. However more recently Alex James has stated publicly that Noel and Damon are currently working together on some new material. However recently as last week he confirmed to reporters that he was ‘interested’ in working with Albarn which we all know is essentially music speak for they already are working together.


Now it’s possible that Noel may well be contributing to Damon’s solo album. However if he’s currently not recording with Albarn it is doubtful they put something together in time for its release. The fact Albarn’s other work with First Touch can count on Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Zinner from the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs and Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos it would be hard to see how another major contributor could help.


This leaves the unthinkable alternative and most likely alternative that the new work from Blur will contain some input from Noel Gallagher. Quite what Oasis fans will make of it we’re not sure? What Liam will make of it is anybody’s guess. Could it be a final insult to Liam or could it be that with his friend Damon Albarn he’s ready to put an end to the media driven Blur v Oasis rivalry in the past? Who knows but it’s sure to spark plenty of debate.