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  • Should Fashion Use Playboy Models Sexuality In Advertsing?

Should Fashion Be Using Playboy Models and Sexuality To Sell T Shirts?

It goes without saying that having two Playboy models promote your product brings a certain excitement and glamour that is very attractive to any business. They have a celebrity status that is something that can connect with many fans across the world not just in their particular field but also in the world of t-shirts too. It did however lend to a moral question in is it right to use sexuality to sell a product. I know many companies wouldn’t even ask that question because there is so much sexuality across all forms of advertising now but it was something we wanted to ask ourselves before making any decision.

The Playboy model has often been criticised for giving an ‘ideal’ that few women can aspire to or achieve. Good looks, perfect body and perhaps some have benefitted from surgical enhancements and should we really be promoting something that could further a young woman’s desire to achieve that look? We did deliberate and having looked back at some of our past photography sessions it is difficult to distinguish if there is any difference between using images of very slim models which also give a possibly more dangerous image of what is attainable.

What we hope we achieved is to demonstrate that all different shapes and sizes can be used in fashion photography and not just the stereotypical thin models. It is a hard balance to strike because you need your product to look as attractive as possible and you want to use models that are as attractive as possible. Clearly Lucy Zara and Kandi Kay are really attractive women and it is clear both sexes see them as being that way. Not all women are stick thin models and there are women out there who we surveyed and said they would be happy to see a woman with more curves and how she would look in our rock t shirts too.

We are not suggesting that women will necessarily identify with the look of Lucy and Kandi but there has to be some room for diversity. More and more women are using things such as fitness, cosmetic surgery to enhance their looks and this is a reflection of that. There is no doubt they look fantastic in the pictures. The world of fashion has long left moral debates behind but we were keen to make sure we were not doing anything without consideration.daft-punk.jpg

Women fought for years, tragically in some cases to have the right to choose how they lived their lives and what choices they made with their equal rights. I don’t think it is for us or anybody to say you has the right to choose but only if you pick a career we approve of. That’s the whole point about freedom of choice and equal opportunity and if women fought for the right to have choice I don’t think anybody should then take that right away because they don’t agree with that choice.

View All Images From the Photoshoot Here!

What did surprise us is just how professional and personable both Lucy and Kandi were. After the shoot we honestly wondered why we’d even debated over it. We knew it would be beneficial to the business from the first mention but the moral debate. We have worked with many models before and not always are they professional. Often late and not great at taking direction but Lucy and Kandi were prompt, professional and lovely people to work with and it shouldn’t have come as a surprise but it did.

Once we’d seen the pictures and they are very modest pictures with little on show apart from two attractive models and what we think are wonderful band t shirts, we felt proud to have worked with both of them. This is a job for them and they happen to be very good at it. They were happy, fun, professional models and it was hard not to feel comfortable around them. Regardless of what pre-conceived ideas we all have when you meet genuinely nice people who are good to work with what debate is there left?

Some people are blessed with great intelligence and it is a gift and they are lauded for exploiting that gift and praised when they utilise it. Some people have terrific voices and exploit that gift as best they can are can be idolised by many all over the world. It just so happens that in this situation the two models in question are gifted with their looks and sexuality and why should that be any different? That is our opinion here at T Shirt Subway but if anybody wishes to share theirs we would love to hear what people think? Do they like the pictures?