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Why Did Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora Split?


Depending on what side of the camp you're on there seem to be different reasons as to why Richie Sambora was ultimately booted out of Bon Jovi. The initial statement was that his tour ended because of 'personal issues' and something that the Jon Bon Jovi camp have supported. Since his dismissal there have been reports it ended with a furious bust up between Richie and Jon with some even going as far as to suggest they came to blows.


If the reports from the Sambora camp are to be believed it was an issue over money. The fact Sambora was earning $2 million per month they said didn't sit well with the rest of the band and caused friction and something had to give because it was simply a matter of finances.


Could Money Really Be The Answer To The Split?


I find it very difficult to attribute money to the reason alone as to why he was forced out. It just doesn't make sense he'll get so much for royalties anyway as he's written on several songs they won't be cutting their budget to an extent where you could see them ending a relationship that has been in place almost from the beginning.


It just doesn't ring true Sambora has had several episodes of turmoil in his personal life and each time Bon Jovi have welcomed him back so the first reason doesn't ring true either so could it be a combination of both? That doesn't seem to fit either so what was the real reason behind the move? Could it be that after so long touring and so many small disputes passing over the years the relationship between Richie and Jon Bon Jovi had finally ended?


It happens be it in bands, friendships, marriage or anything where there's long last relationships have their ups and downs that there is just wear and tear on the relationship. The way the industry is secrets are hard to keep so instead of trying to people put forward believeable if not accurate reasons for something happening.


The Real Reason I Think Richie Sambora Had To Leave Bon Jovi


Sambora was essential as part of the creative element of the band early on. He's a loose cannon but very talented and imaginative in his writing and musical skills and thsi energy and chaos was something that drove the band in it's youth to create such cool cutting edge music. However this isn't the case anymore Bon Jovi as with any band that ages become softer, they apprecaite what they have more, enjoy working and whilst their new songs can't provide the energy and imagination of youth that goes hand in hand with Sambora it's now much easier on the ear if less commercial.


For me it's all about contribution. Bon Jovi don't really need that creative firebrand anymore. They have a catalogue of hits as long as your arm and no longer is the creative maverick needed. As the years wear on even the best musicians lose some of tehir skills and anybody who say the Beacuse We Can Tour will tell you that Phil X was absolutely superb on all the tracks.


Now admittedly he costs a lot less too about $10,000 per month compared to $2m for Sambora but as much as the money may be an issue it's about contribution. Bon Jovi don't need a maverick who may duck out fo shows, they don't need hsi skills in playing anymore as there are people u to the task and they no longer need his creative influence as they cover the globe playing what the fans want to hear which is the stuff they've already written.


It's a simple case of his life in the band has run it's course because he can't offer much in terms of contribution now and that's always a cause for concern within any band. If your contributing your share and more nobody complains about the money it's only an issue when you don't pull your weight.