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Rihanna’s Intruder Terror


It may well be every woman’s worst nightmare having somebody trying to enter your property but luckily for Rihanna she wasn’t at home when it was targeted over the weekend. She was on tour in Australia whilst somebody was breaking her window with unknown intensions. Her mansion in California is highly secure and the long dark road leading up to it carries plenty of warnings about cameras being present but it didn’t deter this criminal.


Nobody is quite sure what the intentions were but local sources say her alarm system must have scared them off because after reviewing footage the person involved never set foot inside the house and Chris Brown’s whereabouts have definitely been accounted for. Quite what the motive was in unclear. Whilst many jump to the conclusion it was burglary that seems somewhat strange. Given you’d expect a multi millionaire pop star to have an alarm it would be unusual for it to scare any would be burglar off.


I’m sure Rihanna like us are hoping the motives were not more sinister and that they didn’t leave because it was clear nobody was home. The star famous for her smash hit Diamonds (which you can watch underneath) and many other musical successes is constantly voted as one of the sexiest and most desirable in the world.