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  • Ultimate Rock Battle : Who Is Better U.S or UK

The Greatest Rock Battle of All Time! Who Comes Out On Top The U.S or the UK?

This is the one and only definitive way to decide which side of the Atlantic produces the greatest rock music. We would highly recommend whilst going through this epic battle you take a little time on YouTube to remind yourselves of the best tracks from these classic bands and have some fun deciding which country makes the best rock music The United States of America or the United Kingdom?

Here’s how you play there are seven rounds and at least three bands fighting for each side of the Atlantic and they are divided up onto phases of rock music. You must assess each of the three bands on either side in each round and decide which one overall has the strongest rock act. At the end of each round you give one side a point. Once there are no more rounds to enjoy then you simply add up and see who exactly is the winner and what could be easier or more fun?

You may decide that in the first round at the birth of rock you have your own particular favourite. You may well be a massive Jimi Hendrix fan and which case he’s the focus of your attention but what if the other British rock acts are stronger overall than the Americans and then you have decision to make as to which one overall you think has the most quality. It’s not about your favourite it is about the depth of quality in that section.

The second round is art rock and you may well be a big fan of the inspirational and ground breaking David Bowie but torn by the enigmatic and cultural icon that is Frank Zappa but finally be swayed the melodic and twisting songs of the ever important Pink Floyd. Perhaps Floyd just gives you that edge and you can’t fight it but you need to come down on the side of the Brits?

Round 3 see the Punk Heavyweights clash and at first you may think that the clear winners would be the U.S. You know you’re huge fans of the Misfits and who isn’t a lover of the family frantic Ramones but who could argue against the qualities held by the amazing The Clash. London Calling could be your tune on this one but which way do you turn to Strummer and the boys from London?

Next round see the world of heavy metal collide and we love Metallica and Manowar but can you honestly see a way past the British power in this category? Can you really bet against Iron Maiden or the amazing Black Sabbath and the talents Osbourne and Iommi? What about the legend that is Lemmy and the incredible Motorhead and they have a raft of fans that must surely feel they’ve got this one in the bag but do you?

Now we’re onto stadium rock and possibly one of the closest rounds imaginable. In one corner you have the mighty Aerosmith pounding away to crowds and then the subtle imagination that brings you to your feet from Knopfler and Dire Straits but could anybody in the U.S see themselves voting against Bruce Springsteen on this one? However we all know that The Police first made it big in the states even before the UK and they’re on the opposite side? That’s even before you count the massive presence that is the legendary U2 and of course who could forget Freddie and the amazing Queen?

We’re in the dying stages of the fight and it is still rumbling on and next comes the alternative rock round where stood in one corner are the always popular Nirvana. They crushed the grunge scene and may well be the biggest hitter in the US side of course if that wasn’t for the Pixies the band Kurt want to emulate and what about the enigmatic Stipe for REM? Across the other side of the world we have a mainly northern affair and Manchester to be more specific where a whole new sound was emerging and it was lead by what NME described to be the most important British band of all time The Smiths. The Smiths led the way from their Irish roots to Manchester and if it weren’t for their influences bands like Inspiral Carpets the Stone Roses and Oasis may not have taken the path they did.