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Rock t-shirts are now something ingrained into society as much as fashion itself but it’s easy to forget where it all came from. If you want to understand the world of the rock t-shirt you first have to understand the origins of rock music.

The 1960’s brought us many things but one of those things, certainly one that has remained to this day is the amazing breakthrough we now know as rock music. The origins of that genre came from the roots of rock and roll that swept across the music landscape like a wind of change embraced by all.

The centre piece of rock music seems to be based around the guitar and the incredibly riff’s that came out of this style.  Unlike musical efforts before rock the lyrics addressed many modern issues surrounding sex, love, rebellion and social angst that hit home with everybody who enjoyed that style.

The youth of the day found a new style, one that embodied not only their thoughts but their energy too and not surprisingly this was something the more mature generations feared. They viewed rock music as something to fear, something that corrupted rather than a social commentary of the time.

It started as early as the 1950’s when rock and roll first came about. The United states were credited as the architects, Alan Freed had begun to start playing rhythm and blues music for a multi-cultural audience and the phrase rock and roll was coined.

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As to what was the first Rock and Roll songs were that’s up for debate some suggest it may be Jackie Brenston but others remain convinced it was Bill Haley’s ‘Rock Around the Clock’ which would be seen publicly as the first rock and roll song by man though indeed Elvis could be win with a shout with ‘That’s All Right’ but in any case with all having their merits the one thing that is sure is that rock and roll was born.

There became a short spanning influx of what is now known as Surf Music popularised by the introduction of the Beach Boys. The lighter sound still dealing with current issues captured the moment perfectly and nothing embodies that more than the amazing California Girls single.

Right then and there it was the only movement capable of at least matching the popularity of the forthcoming British Invasion.

The British Invasion came thick and fast and hit the US and the world like a tornado of modern music everything from Manfred Mann, The Kinks and the Animals to Herman’s Hermits and The Dave Clark Five. Most notably though the two biggest acts were by far The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and to this day their music feels as popular and relevant as it was back then.

The stand our group possibly were the Fab Four with hit after hit, a mix of sing along classics and really progressive rock music you could enjoy everything from the almost childlike Yellow Submarine to the epic Day Tripper and the amazing works in the album Revolver.

It’s hard to pinpoint the reason for Beatlemania but they seemed ultra confident and totally at home as musicians making girls scream and men sing and that combination worked incredibly well. Help seemed to cover every base for the band as the revolutionised the chord led melodies and set the tone for perhaps the next two or three decades on how to get groups of people singing anthem like music.

The Rolling Stones had a much harder attitude and personality, a more rebellious side but no matter if you enjoyed the works of Lennon and McCartney or Jagger and Richards you knew this was a special time for rock music in general.

Many different phases of rock music followed there was the pop rock movement represented by artists such as the Everly Brothers and Rod Stewart and Elton John helped propel this style to the followers on both sides of the Atlantic.

Folk rock and psychedelic rock were to follow and split the genre into two very different path’s you have the bluesy feel of Eric Clapton and the amazing works of Bob Dylan, all very beautiful slow melodic styles but then a counter culture of more robust rock and a psychedelic feel that grew from the amazing works of Jimi Hendrix and Frank Zappa and literally blew the style wide open to interpretation.

The Beatles themselves seemed to divert down this path and bands such as Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead were experimenting and not shyly with a rock culture that seemed to combine with drugs and the effects felt to create a new type of stimulus.

Rock was now evolving into the widest collection of style you could imagine from any musical style. There was a progressive rock movement with likes of Genesis, Simple Minds and Duran Duran, some of which was romantic most soft but easy to sing along to and a golden era had dawned.

Others went the way of glam rock with bands such as Kiss, Bowie, Iggy Pop and the New York Dolls all starred in the movement and the glitz and glamour that rock had long shunned now walked hand in hand with it.

Rock itself is widely credited with the early beginning of metal, bands such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Motorhead cross over this genre into metal and make some of their tracks hard to define. It’s amazing to think about where rock came from and its humble beginnings but how in fact it has evolved into something incredible.

Where would modern day bands like Oasis be if they hadn’t been influenced by The Beatles? The punk era of the The Clash and the Sex Pistols had their roots heavily ingrained not just in rock itself but the freedom to express yourself in any way you wanted through music even with social commentary was unheard of before this change.

The new wave brought even more riches with acts such as Dire Straits and Talking Heads becoming cult heroes to people all over the world. Alternative rock was where the beginnings of Indie music were born. The Cure, Sonic Youth, New Order led the way and the Madchester scene was now emerging with The Smiths, Inspiral Carpets and The Stones Roses to name but a few.

Then came and twist that took the world by storm. With each generation that passed a new slight was put on the world of rock and whilst Guns n Roses were blitzing the stage with their all action all conquering style a slow underbelly of rock fans were building.

Sick of the glitz that had gone before there was a melancholic feel, a feel that rock was no longer real or related to the everyday person in the street, a darker more disturbed move was now on the offing and grunge was about to be born.

Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam took it to another level and Seattle was named the new capital of rock culture. It’s been a long and brilliant journey and we’ve been there all the way and we hope with a little help through us you can chart your own rock music journey.