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  • The Velvet Underground Re Release White Light - White Heat

The Velvet Underground is re releasing White Light – White Head in a 45th Year Anniversary Edition

Could it really be that long since one of the most controversial an innovative punk album of all time was really released? It’s true at the time that it wasn’t a huge seller but as time has passed the influence of this album has stretched further than we ever thought it would. We still can’t believe this entire album was made in a couple of days at the end of summer and managed to spread the way it has done.

It’s been said that there was only one band that could have ever done this and that is the now infamous The Velvet Underground and there could only have been one place that this could have been made and they were on the mean streets of New York and it would be hard to disagree. No matter if you’re a fan of the quintet or not this will be a collector’s item in any music lovers’ collection and we’ll be picking one up. 

If you want a taste of what it is like you can listen to it here.