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The Definitive Guide Top 10 Musical Artists Who Rocked The World in 2013

10. Kanye West

Not content with stepping out from life as a single man, Kanye’s new found status as a family man has been joined by possibly some of his most audacious work on his album Yeezus. His celebrity status often distracts you from the fact this is a rapper not only extraordinarily talented but one who finds his inspiration and talents in all kinds of music. Some have credited Yeezus as a modern masterpiece and with innovative sound and sampling with brutal honesty in his music whilst his private life makes the headlines his work brings the Kanye West legacy up to date in 2013.

9. Pharrell Williams

Pharrell like Kanye can be known for his slick style but where Kanye courts controversy and limelight wherever he goes it’s hard to imagine having a bad word to say about Pharrell. He featured in the years’ biggest hit Get Lucky and had a Number 1 hit of his own with Happy and it even featured in the animation hit Despicable Me 2 and its’ like nothing this guy touched this year didn’t turn to gold and he even added that ‘Midas touch’ to the hit Blurred Lines so we’re happy to find him here.

8. Arctic Monkeys

Fresh from one of the deepest Brit Awards acceptance speeches ever Alex Turner is either the coolest man on the planet of a complete douche depending on who you speak to but we’ve found the vast majority come down on the side of the former. This was the year Arctic Monkey’s shot back into the charts and fans hearts with their new album AM and you have to say their latest offering has created as much debate as almost any album released this year. One aside.

7. One Direction

There’s no escaping them. You don’t want to include them because the truth is the world aside from their fans has pretty much had enough of them. The flip side is their fans seem to take up a large portion of the planet so those handsome young lads churning out cheesy easily digestible pop that caters for those with allergy to testosterone will continue to get stronger and stronger and even declare things like One Direction days and simply tweet the hell out of us but there’s many years of this left to come.

6. Lorde

Who can honestly say last year they’d even heard of Lorde? This 17 year old girl from New Zealand has pretty much had one hit ‘Royals’ but that has sent everybody crazy about her album Pure Heroine and you know what the annoying thing is? All those people who tell you she’s incredible, she’s a breath of fresh air and you’ve heard it all before and you see the word bandwagon in big letters in your mind and then you listen and she is. They’re right. Those idiots who always say they know the next great artist and are never right unfortunately can now feel smug as hell. Horrible.

5. Bruno Mars

So here’s a formula we’ve hit on. Basically a guy can be lazy, talk about being a womaniser, using women for sex, telling them all kinds of lies about how much he loves them, whilst playing what seems the entire world’s field and women love it. Oh so long as you put a soppy beat and sing in a girly voice and they’ll still think you’re sweet. Thrown in a ridiculous hair cut and the fact you look like your 12 years old despite claiming to be a man and they’ll adore you so long as you sing it in the right key. Top it off with an excellent performance at the Super Bowl and the year is yours Bruno Mars.

4. Robin Thicke

Now Blurred Lines was one of the biggest hits of 2013. Somehow an ageing white father, dressed as Beetlejuice having a teenage Hannah Montana grinding on him is apparently fair game if you’re in the music industry. We have to admit though somehow he’s managed to pull off some dodgy dressing, suspicious facial hair and a stupid name and put it all together and make it almost cool. Hey, hey, hey it’s been a big year for throbbing Robin and you can’t deny that.

3. Miley Cyrus

So in the year of rebellion she went through the media like a Wrecking Ball and everything about her screams ‘Daddy Issues’ doesn’t it. From hometown country girl to all out tramp for some of her latest moves and you have to credit her she’s smart. In one year her image has transformed and suddenly she’s big news. Though having heard her struggle to put a sentence together time after time I have a most of this notoriety comes from great work with her PR Department. Strangely she’s actually a really top class singer and always willing to sing live you have to credit her for what has been an explosive transformation in 2013

2. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Well ok let’s say a lot more Macklemore but us white guys haven’t had a good rapper to look up since Eminem right and then here’s a guy who comes blasting through with Thrift Shop, Can’t Hold Us and his live concert in Manchester was incredible. With nice uplifting lyrics to his faster tracks and a strong gay rights message he’s fighting you can’t help but like the guy and as we’ve said his tracks are top notch. He’s even made big ass coats fashionable and bounded into the spotlight of fans all around the world 2013 was a great year for Macklemore

1. Daft Punk

Come on was there ever going to be any doubt who was Number 1 in this definitive list? Seriously you weren’t expecting Bieber were you? Well the robots came back after so many years away and they released one of the biggest albums of all time and when you listen to it not only is it beautiful but can see they felt no need to pander to record companies like other artists because it was as deep and innovative as it gets. Their one ‘crossover’ tune Get Lucky didn’t just slip into the mainstream after years away from it they smashed it and there may be no other artist on the planet who can do what these guys do and 2013 was the year of Daft Punk.