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Trampvertising: Response to Criticism

We have received some criticism for our recent Trampvertising article in which we stated how we’d paid a homeless person to wear our t-shirts and advertise our business. We have decided to write a response and address these issues. The issues or areas we’ve received complaint in are in the following areas

- Exploitation
- Dehumanising people and making them billboards
- Lack of social conscience
- Trivialising the serious matter of homelessness
- Poor choice in term in the word trampvertising

We would like to respond. We in no way mean to trivialise this subject. It is an important matter and often homelessness can come hand in hand with other issues. However we deny we exploited anybody. The homeless man in question was paid £80 for less than 20 minutes work and that’s hardly exploitation. He received sunscreen and water on an incredibly hot day and we wonder how many of those who complained has even stopped to think on a hot day about the homeless?
The name is supposed to be difficult to stomach so it grabs your attention. The whole point of this was to help one person and pass the message on about social conscience and responsibility. When your government no longer cares for those weakest until that changes it is our responsibility as individuals and businesses to take up that burden.