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Trampvertising is a word not used because the word didn’t exist before I came up with it. It sounds disturbing, potentially offensive but that was the whole point of the word to draw attention to an idea, a concept that we’re slowly starting to realise. Capitalism is part of everyday life for western society but living in the world we do now in the UK there are certain things clear to us.

We have a government who doesn’t care for the worst off in society. In simple terms they want to make more money for those most privileged. They do that by driving down the cost of labour so make more profit. They want to strip people of benefits, force the sick to work and pay them less than ever before and whilst they reassure us the economy is growing, and it is they fail to admit that our standard of living is dropping.

They want to export more and create jobs but cheaper jobs with lower pay. They’ve failed us as a nation and perhaps now it’s time to stop relying on government for anything let alone everything. The summer gone there were soaring temperatures, real searing heat and to most of us that means an ice cold beer after work outside, a trip to the beach with the kids and generally it puts us in a great mood.

Trampvertising Is Born

It was enjoying one of those fresh ice cold beers with colleagues at T Shirt Subway that as I sat and basked in the sun I saw what clearly is a homeless person or somebody living on the street I’m unsure of the politically correct term but who cares about political correctness anyway. His long hair, shaggy beard and he looked like he hadn’t showered in some time but I remember looking at him thinking I’m happy enjoying the sun with a cold beverage for a short time but he’s walking around in this heat all day.

Now I certainly don’t blame the government for his situation. There are schemes where he can be given shelter but the guy looked hungry, stick thin and just as he settled down and finally took shade a policeman came along and told him to move along. Clearly around the area of Liverpool with shops and bars to entice your wallets their way the sight of this man couldn’t be tolerated. So out the saving shade he was tossed back onto the grill of the street and I had to do something.

I called across to him but he didn’t turn around as he trudged off so I jumped the enclosure and ran after him and stopped him in the street. I invited him to join us for a drink and he was understandably suspicious. Once he saw we genuinely wanted to buy him a drink he came over. He didn’t drink. The first myth I was shocked and delighted to see blown away. That these people are drinkers or all drug addicts he was clearly neither and simply wished for a cold water.

I asked him about the heat, how he coped and he told us that he did often burn. His ambition for the day was to feed him and his dog which he carried in tow and stay out of the sun. He was a young man late 20’s but he looked much older with his bedraggled hair. He spoke in a very articulate manner, he was clearly intelligent and he said in his life he’d had problems and he preferred the freedom of the street but winter and summer brought their own challenges.

When speaking with him it was clear he had a vivid imagination and a little detachment from reality and I could see why he felt alienated by others who feel uncomfortable around his tales but he was unique. Yet he can’t get a meal, water or even sun cream to protect him. I offered him some cash to help and to my amazement he refused said he didn’t enjoy charity and why he never begs. So I had an idea, I asked him to wait and I’d run to my office and get some t-shirts and if he allowed me to take a picture that wasn’t charity it was paid work.

A smile crept across his face and he said he could do that. I ran back got some t-shirts took some pictures and the results you can see here. Now poor quality camera but he really seemed to enjoy modelling and people stared as he changed from shirt to shirt in broad daylight and he got paid. I gave him £80 12 bottles of water, 6 bottles of factor 30 sunscreen and a sandwich. That’s not bad pay for 10 minutes work but the reason I did this is because capitalism always tells us to hire the most qualified, to get the most beautiful models but never do we think who needs this work most?

This isn’t really about the homeless situation it’s about a society that no longer cares, a government more interested in the economy than the hungry and perhaps it’s time to take matters into our own hands. Perhaps every business that makes a living from society should help at least one person who needs help. Few business that prosper would miss £80 or a meal in their budget so why not stick out a helping hand to those in the