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Want to grab somebody’s attention? Show off your personality, your senses of humour? How about showing other’s what wonderful taste in music you have with that perfect t-shirt? There you go. That’s it right there, on the surface the t-shirt is such a simple garment but it can express so much and making you feel absolutely fantastic if you get the right one.

Think how far the t-shirt has come since it first became popular in the USA. The world of t-shirts was to get a welcome boost from humble roots when worn by the charismatic Marlon Brando in a Streetcar named Desire, so in part the music t-shirts you see here today owe a lot to one of the greatest film and screen actors of our time, so a big thank you to Mr Brando.

Though he may have made it cool it was the counter culture and the rise of the ‘beatniks’ in the 1960’s that fused graphic art with t-shirts, creating a platform for the youth to voice their opinion, it became a walking billboard to the soul.

Some of the first t-shirts to catch the eye you can thank psychedelic artist Warren Dayton for and what were the first tee’s used for? You can take your pick protest slogans, jokes or even to show the world your musical allegiance and make a statement others will notice and some say little has changed and that’s exactly where T Shirt Subway comes in…….that may be the past of t-shirts and music t-shirts but we’re the future!

T Shirts Delivered in the UK and Worldwide at T Shirt Subway

T Shirt Subway was one of the very first truly global t shirt companies. You can shop with complete confidence knowing you will find only the very best in non-official music t-shirts and no matter where you are in the world, the UK, US, Australia, Europe or Asia we will deliver your t-shirt right to your door.

So sit back relax and take a look through our massive array of rock, metal, hip hop and band t-shirts, all of which are printed on only the highest quality cotton garments and all using state of the art direct to garment printing technology.

We have a stunning range with more designs than any other music t-shirt store you will find on the web. Non of our designs will be found on 'official' sites. They are all adaptations on well known images and themes with a special T Shirt Subway twist. Available in all sizes from small to XXL and in both men’s and women’s t-shirt options for every single design. That makes T shirt Subway the only music t-shirt website to meet the needs of both male and female music fans.

But we don't stop there; not content with providing the very best choice of music t-shirts you will find music videos and because we love music so much our blog contains regularly updated snippets of the very latest breaking news in the world of music as well as a guide to our best selling t-shirts.

So don’t delay and get browsing through the extensive catalogue of band t-shirts, rock t-shirts, metal t-shirts and other music t-shirts. We’re absolutely certain you will find that special something.

T Shirt Subway celebrates famous artists and musicians and our reference to those artists does not constitute an affiliation or endorsement by any of the bands or artists appearing on this site. We do not stock official merchandise. All our designs are created in house or supplied by freelance designers.

  • Rock T-Shirts

    Rock T-shirts

    Why not put a smile on somebody's face and buy them a Rock T-shirt from our Rock T-shirt Collection. We have a huge range of choice for Rock Tees in both men's T-shirts and women's rock T-shirts. No matter if you're looking for the latest Oasis T-shirt to classic AC/DC rock t-shirts or a punk rock t-shirt from the Ramones we will have a tee that will have you turning up the volume and blasting out your favourite band's music.

  • Metal T-shirts

    Metal T-shirts

    For those of you who like you T-shirts a little rougher and a little darker, why not try our Metal T-shirt section if you dare. A huge range of the best Metal T-shirts from your favourite bands, in men's t-shirts and women's metal t-shirts. Why not pick up your favourite Slayer T-shirt or Iron Maiden T-shirt today? We have everything form the latest tee's to retro vintage metal shirts. It's your band, your music, your T-shirt and your choice and we hope you choose T Shirt Subway.

  • Music T-shirts

    Music T-shirts

    No matter if it band's you like or solo artists you will find the perfect music T-shirt in our Music T-shirts collection. With a massive range of men's and women's music T-shirts, with brand new t-shirts, vintage T-shirts and retro T-shirts added daily you can find everything you could wish for right here. The music T-shirt section covers everything, if you want a Madonna T-shirts it's here, Michael T-shirt, Lady Gaga T-shirt everything from David Bowie T-shirts to Daft Punk T-shirts are right here so why not treat yourself or somebody else today.

  • Band T-shirts

    Band T-shirts

    Who is your favourite band? The Beatles, Radiohead, The Killers, Muse or the Arctic Monkey's maybe? Well it doesn't really matter because any band that does matter has a band T-shirt right here in our band T-shirt section. With an amazing range of designs and vintage, classic men's and women's band T-shirts you'll find everything from Coldplay to Kasabian right here for all you band lovers out there. Put a smile on your face and treat yourself to the most stylish, most fashionable range of t-shirts around but we warned these tee's cause envy!

  • Hip Hop T-shirts

    Hip Hop T-shirts

    Hip hop is now the most fashionable brand of music and anything fashionable needs its own range of clothing for their favourite Hip Hop artist and that's where we come in. If you want brand new Hip Hop T-shirts or Vintage and Retro T-shirts then take a look at our Hip hop T-shirt collection. If you want a Run DMC T-shirt we got it, if you want an Eminem T-shirt they're all here and we have the world's biggest Collection of Kanye West T-shirts and with new T-shirt added daily this has to be the first stop for anything Hip Hop.

  • XXL T-shirts

    XXL T-shirts

    We live in a changing world, music changes, clothing changes and we change. That should be no reason why you should miss out on the latest Music T-shirts. So if you're an XS or an XXL T-shirt size that's just as perfect to us as the standard T-shirt sizes. So if you want one of our Rock T-shirts, Music T-shirts, Band T-shirts, Metal T-shirts or Hip Hop T-shirts we have got the perfect fit for you.

  • Women's T-shirts

    Women's T-shirts

    If you are a woman who loves music and T-shirts then you are not alone. More and more women every day are buying the t-shirts from their favourite bands, artist or singer and here at T Shirt Subway we now that you deserve better. Although women are the fastest growing market in Music T-shirts they are the least catered for. That's why all our Rock T-shirts, Metal T-shirts, Band T-shirts, Music T-shirts and Hip Hop T-shirts have a women's option. So if you're looking for anything from a Women's Iron Maiden T-shirt to a Michael Jackson Women's T Shirt it's all here.